chuī - to blow

I worked out how to sign into the Popup Chinese site today, and did some HSK Beginner questions. I found them pretty tough, though I was pleased to see some words that I've only learnt recently. In the first test I got 12/15, which I was pleased with. In one of the questions I got wrong, you had to pick an animal to fill in the gap in the sentence 别相信他,他最喜欢吹_了。I guessed sheep, I think. I'd not heard of the phrase 吹牛, so was very confused (though I guessed the answer must be some idiom). I was struck by how good the questions in the HSK test were. I often found I had to consider the answer for some time even when I understood all the characters. I think it really highlighted the weaknesses in my understanding of Chinese grammar. Hopefully, by studying these questions I'll improve.

Don't trust him, he loves to boast.

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