Blog. December 2008

  • Learning languages online

    This blog is still in the planning stages, but one category I’m sure it will have is Chinese. One of the reasons for this blog is to create a central deposit for the ever increasing online resources for language-learning I have come across.


  • Go blog

    One topic I've always planned to blog about is Go, otherwise known as igo or weiqi or 围棋 or something else in Korean. I hope to write about my slow, halting progress in trying to create an AI that can play better than randomly. I may even talk about games that I’ve played should I ever get around to playing any.

  • Simulating life and more

    [Originally from my Wordpress blog, but with added links]

    I'm still working out what categories to include on this blog. I intend to write about various simulations I have written, am in the process of writing or plan to write, but I'm not sure of the best way to categorise them. I could have a general science category as I do at the moment, or I could put them under programming. Or I could be more specific and have an Artificial Life category to complement an Artificial Intelligence (for Go) category. Or maybe it isn't important.