First day of 2011

Today is the start of 2011 and I made a small start on some of my resolutions.

One resolution is to take more photos and upload more to Flickr, so I took a photo of the French fries bell that Victoria made me for Christmas and uploaded that.

Another resolution is to work my way through the book, Seven Languages in Seven Weeks: A Pragmatic Guide to Learning Programming Languages. I had already read the first day's work, but today I downloaded Ruby and worked my way through the quick guide on the website. It seems like a nice language, quite similar to Python. The idea is that in learning several programming languages (albeit at a shallow level), I will hopefully learn more about how programs can be constructed.

I also emailed my parents and installed Skype, which is part of my resolution to be more communicative.

Finally, I have written this blog post, which probably the most blog-like post I've ever written. I haven't actually made it a resolution to write more blog entries, but I have a general wish to write as much as I reasonably can. I also started to write an SVG tooltip tutorial today. This year I hope to write a series of tutorial about how to create SVGs, and create a series of tools for generating SVGs.

I wonder how long this enthusiasm will last. I need to restart learning Chinese at some point too.

Something which is more of a hope than a resolution is to have more than 1000 people visit my blog in one month this year. The most number of visitors I had in a month last year was 670 in November, but the numbers have been increasing steadily (except for December), so I think it's possible. Here is maybe an apt place to record my stats for last year (starting from mid-February):

  • Total number of visits: 4199
  • Total number of page views: 12348
  • Total amount of time spent on my website: ~9.5 days
  • Most number of page views for a single page: 1286 (Pygame tutorial)
  • Mean visits/day: 13.2
  • Mean page views/day: 38.7
  • Mean time spent on my website/day: 43 minutes

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