How to get black hole badges on Khan Academy

The Black Hole badges are Khan Academy are legendary and unknown, so a lot of people want to know how to get them. The code describing what they are for used to be available here, but that code is out-dated and says that the Atlas badge is for completing 150 exercises.

What Black Hole badges are there?

In addition to the three unknown badges, there are a couple of unique badges that only Sal has, and only Sal can get:

  • Is Sal - Which you can only get if you are Sal.
  • Galileo - Make 3000 videos.

Of all the black hole badges, the most attainable is Tesla. This badge is awarded for getting 10 million energy points. A few people have got this (here, here and here). I think they did this using a process of maximising energy points by getting questions wrong, a tactic that no longer works. But there are enough videos and exercises that it is possible to get this badge without cheating. This video show when I got the Tesla badge:

The Atlas badge is the most changeable of badges, always moving out of reach (except for the one time Ben Eater, lead exercise developer on Khan Academy got it by mistake). It was once for completing 150 exercises, then 250 and then 500. Now it has changed again, to another unattainable number. I suspect that when Khan Academy feels there are enough exercises to cover all of high school maths (or maybe one topic), then they will settle on a number. But for now it is not possible.

That leaves the latest badge, Artemis. Now I'm employeed by Khan Academy I feel it would be wrong of me to reveal its secrets. I will only say that, like Atlas, it is currently not possible to get this badge.

Get more badges

See what Sal says

Run your Khan Academy programs on your own computer


Do you mean "Tesla badges"? If so, a Serbian-American genius is (figuratively) spinning in his grave right now, even if you spelt it correctly...

I am annoyed, I had also read that one of the Black Hole badges comes at 150 proficiencies, then in another post that it happens at 180.  I now have 181 proficiencies and a million points and still no black hole badges.  Now I feel very cheated and disheartened and don't want to do any more....  :-(

I guess the whole point of Black Hole badges is that they are very difficult to get. I suspect they are saving the Atlas badge so it can be given when you complete all the mathematics exercises. But first they have to make all the exercises. The Telsa badge is achievable - it will just take a few years.

It would be nice if there were more higher level badges though while we work towards the Black Hole badges.

Yeah.. well, I've only had an account for a month. I have 414,897 points. 1 sun badge. 93 meteor badges, and 40 moon badges. 1 Earth badge, and 2 challenge patches.

i really want a black hole one/

I thought you could earn more points by doing the lessons even though you already completed them!

I have completed 350 excises, watched more than 1300 videos, amassed 320 meteorite, 193 moon, 36 earth and 9 sun badges and 32 challenge patches. This has given me about 2.25 million points. I personally looked at the code a few months ago when there were about 130 fewer exercises available and confirmed that it was 250 exercises for Atlas. They changed it and I am sad.

It is possible to achieve multiple of one badge. going back, i have atleast 10 different badges which i've achieved multiple times

Yes, there are many badges you can get more than once. For example all the streak (eg. Nice Streak: 20 correct answers in a row) and speed (e.g. Picking Up Steam: 5 correct answers in a certain amount of time) badges can be obtained for each exercise. My aim is to get them all for each exercise.

I like that they make it hard. I have reached about 5.8 million by getting lightspeed on 322 of the exercises. There is another way of getting points quicker, but I would rather get a Tesla badge straight up. It gives me more self-satisfaction that way. I calculate I can still get another 850 thousand points, before I get stuck, using the current videos and exercises.

I think there are question marks for black hole badges becuz they are not possible yet, and that they will be explained when sal makes enough excersizes and videos to earn them

Are you telling me that I have to keep going on and on and on?! No freakin' way! I officially quit.

I have 124 badges, 185,840 energy points and rapidly counting and I joined 25 days ago. Ever since I found out about the black hole badges, they have been a huge aspiration for me. But I don't  think I've learned enough, so it will be a considerable time before I'm old enough to know enough to earn them.

I can't help but wonder how many points you might get for questions/comments and prorams you post.  When I first joined they did not have these facets, but now I look and there are badges for popular questions/answers and whatnot.  Are there energy points awarded as well?

You can't get any energy points for asking or answering questions, only badges - I have made quite a few Earth badges that way. You can get points if people save your programs, but it's unlikely to make you a lot of points: if 50 people save one your programs (which is a lot of people) you'd get a total of 9000 points.

i saw on some profiles challenge patches, "master of arithmetic" "master of algebra"... are they retired? cause i dont know how to get them :/

Yes, they are the old style challenge badges. You can't get them any more, but people who did get them are allowed to keep them.

Master badges

that sucks, cause old patches looked better :/, thanks dude for info, i saw you have 4 milion points on khan academy.. + 6 milions and black hole :)) btw i have that "angles" patch that is retired.

How many proficiencies does sal have ? It doesn't say. 

What do you mean by cheating? Khan is glitch-free.

and cheat free.

For comparison, I only got about 600,000 points for getting proficiency in all the exercises.

Guys listen. The way to get any badge, even personalized ones is to get famaliar ith an admin. They have the power to award them to anyone, including themselves, with any energy point reward and any title, even one like "Gangnam Style"!

okay lol it isn't about the badges lol sure they are nice but the real purpose of the khan academy is to teach ppl math and other subjects. lol u guys are acting like the badges are the things to live on but really u r playing the khan academy in the sense like ur blowing through math and stuff. lol u need to focus on getting a good education. if u want to reply or see me or whatever here is my profile.

You said that you could get just over 2 million points by watching all the videos, and that you got about 1.5 million for doing all the exercises, but how did you get 5.6 million energy points?

@Anonymous - You can get a lot of points by getting badges. For example, Magellan, Copernicus and Kepler are worth ~250,000, and getting all the speed badges (e.g. 299,792,458 Meters per Second) are worth over 3 million point (I have about half the possible number and are aiming to get them all). I also have nearly 70,000 points from the new Inspiration badges. 

Can you get badges by volunteering for Khan?

Depends on what you are volunteering to do. If you work as an intern you get a badge. I have a Guardian badge, which I think they gave me because I spent so much time answering people's questions and flagging spam.

It will take you 21 hours and 40 mins about to get ten million points by watching just videos. Give or take a few hours due to the fact that each video is at least 10 mins each. FYI

I think you are an order of magnitude out. In 21 hours and 40 mins you could watch 1300 x 10 min videos, which would get you nearly one million points. You actually need to watch for ~2222 hours or ~92 and half days.

Get a lot of leaves and you will  get tesla badge

What is the Spider Bot challenge patch for?

I have 1.4M. I get about 50k points per day (without getting light speed badge). I think I'll start to aim for speedy badges (thanks for a tip) and put the videos on the play (videos of math that I already understand, since I consider it as cheating myself by not watching something I dont understand). Hopefully I'll get that Tesla badge at some point of time ;D


There are currently 432 exercises.

Two new black hole badges! Hypatia and Artemis! Hypatia is 350 exercises at Mastery (Strange, right?) and people are still trying to get Artemis!

Thanks Patrick. I noticed that too - it seems Hypatia has been downgraded to a sun badge which makes more sense.

what about the new black hole badge "Artemis" ?, how do u earn that one?

I don't think that Tesla is for 500 skills compleated 'cause there is a Davici sun badge for 500 skills completed. I do think that Atlas in 10 million points though.

Artemis might be to watch 10000 videos. I'm not sure; this is just a guess. I'm someone who just broke a million.

Is Vi Hart still employed by Khan Academy?

Since you're in Khan Academy team whats the Team Athena Badge? How do you get it? And what type of badge is it?

You can only get the Team Athena badge if you are a Khan Academy employee who was part of Team Athena. I think this team developed the new learning dashboard.



This morning I received a Fact Checker moon badge.  It just says "have a clarification officially accepted."  I've been looking online to try and find out more details, which brought me here.  You seem to know quite a bit about the inner workings of Khan Academy and I was wondering if you could shed some light.

Is it possible to find out why I received this?  Or what they are usually given out for?


P.S. You're What Badge Next website has been incredibly useful since I started getting more involved with Khan Academy.


I also got the Fact Checker badge recently. I assume it's just what it sounds like - you added a clarification to a video (which is next to Tips and Feedback sometime, but not always for some reason), and it was accepted by Khan Academy. If you don't think you added a clarification then maybe a comment you left in Tips and Feedback was converted to a clarification.

Oh, it seems some people have got it by mistake:

great share

Fun fact: They just retired the atlas badge.

I wish peter would disclose the Artemis badge secret


This is pretty confusing... I have mastered 143 skills and i'm only in the 8th grade.. i started doing khan again like 1 month ago. Im so confused on how to get more badges, i mean in some aspect i understand because it gives me a discription. but i'm still really confused....?

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