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A while ago I wrote about learning Chinese online, but there are resources for learning just about anything online. The internet is my primary source of information when learning programming nowadays. The statistics for my website suggest that the main reason people visit it is that they want to learn Pygame, Inkscape or how to make an SVG.

A couple of sites I have recently discovered have a lot of good resources for studying.

Firstly, the Khan Academy has an impressive number of video lessons covering topics such as finance, mathematics, biology, and even a bit of history. From what I've seen they seem mainly at last-year-of-high-school to first-year-of-university level, though the mathematics lessons that start with the very basics. I hope to use them to brush up on my mathematics, physics, and maybe finance. I've watched a few and they seem quite compelling, although I did notice that the teacher made a few minor mistakes in the biology videos.

Another video resource, is the Open University collection of podcasts, which have been released as part of an open data initiative (I think). The videos look a little dated, but the information is quite interesting, though maybe not in-depth enough for what I want.

Then there is the Journal for Visualised Experiments, JoVE, which has really in-depth, video tutorials for experimental techniques. Not that useful unless want to know how to carry out a specific technique. 

For a wider, more discursive type of learning, a large selection of Radio 4's In Our Time programmes are available. These cover all manner of subjects and are an entertaining way to get a broad overview of a topic.

There are also SciVee for various scientific presentations, and Fora.tv for videos on various topics. Finally of course, there is TED, which great for inspiring talks.


Very useful. 

I also learn SVG from your post. 

Thanks !

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