Look back at 2011

In 2011 I seemed to spend a lot of time trying to make various numbers increase, such as my Khan Academy energy points, StackOverflow points, and blog visitors. This may be a result of the increasing "gamification" of websites, or maybe just that I'm so easily drawn in by such mechanics.

Khan Academy

I joined Khan Academy in March 2011 and spent much of the rest of the year learning and relearning maths. Shortly after starting I aimed to get a million points, which I managed. In fact, I nearly hit the two million point mark (and get over 1000 badges). I also aimed to watch 365 videos this year (i.e. one a day for the whole year), and managed to watch just over twice that number (733).

I'm not sure what my target is for this year - reaching four million points might be too much. Maybe 100 earth badges is an achievable challenge. I actually hope not to spend quite so much time learning things I already know this year. I hope instead to give something back and get some of my own exercises accepted on Khan Academy (I have almost finished making a set of chemistry questions).

My energy points on Khan Academy


I joined StackOverflow in January 2011, initially to answer a question about my Pygame tutorial. For a while, I became quite obsessed with answering questions (and still have yet to ask one). As a result, this year StackOverflow was the biggest refer to my website as I and others linked to it in answers and questions. I also met a few interesting people, including one who paid me AU$60 for some SVG work.

My initial aim was to get more than 200 points, and then more than 1000 points, both of which I managed. I got a gold badge by visiting the site every day for 100 days. I also managed to become the 7th top answerer for SVG questions, which I was very pleased about.

StackOverflow points


I joined Skritter a while ago, but only ever used the free trial. In April 2011, I actually paid money and made pretty good use of it, for a while doing at least 10 minutes a day. Below are the stats for the year. I aim to pay for at least a couple more months this year and get up to 1000 characters learnt.

Skritter summary

Skritter summary 2


I've been a member of iKnow for several years now, but they made it a paid-for service in 2011 and Victoria convinced me to pay. I made quite good use of it, but perhaps not as much as I should have. Below is the summary for all the time I've spent on it - nearly 70 hours! This year, I should probably spend more time working on grammar and maybe finish some of the programs I've started to help me study.

iKnow summary


At the beginning of 2011, I hoped to get 1000 people visit my website it a month. As it happens, I nearly achieved this in January (922 visitors), and easily surpassed it in February (1882 visitors). I then set a more ambitious goal of getting an average of 100 visitors a day for a month, which I finally achieved in November (and December). I'm not sure what to aim for this year, maybe 200 visitors a day for a month.

Below are the stats for 2011, with the values for 2010 in parentheses.

  • Total number of visits: 28,763 (4,199)
  • Total number of page views: 72,175 (12,348)
  • Total time spent on website: ~64 days (~9.5 days)
  • Most page views for a single page: 9,048 (1,286)
  • Mean visits/day: 78.8 (13.2)
  • Mean page views/day: 197.7 (38.7)
  • Mean time spent on my website/day: 4 hours, 13 min (43 min)

In most cases, the numbers have gone up about sixfold, although it's not quite a fair comparison as I only started in Feburary 2010. If I could get another sixfold increase this year, that would be amazing, but unlikely I think.

With the other resolutions I had last year, I didn't do so well. I think managed to write more blog entries than previously and I did start to create a tool for making SVGs. This year I again hope to write a tutorial for making SVGs, and I also hope to finish my Pygame 3D tutorial, which proved to be useful for me and of interest to several people. In terms of real work, it looks like this year I will finally have some more papers published.


well, i must say that you have a very well made website. Everything here is quite unique,  and so beautiful. From the font, to the background, it amazes me.

Congrtas! I hope you have many more viewers.

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