Simulating life and more

[Originally from my Wordpress blog, but with added links]

I'm still working out what categories to include on this blog. I intend to write about various simulations I have written, am in the process of writing or plan to write, but I'm not sure of the best way to categorise them. I could have a general science category as I do at the moment, or I could put them under programming. Or I could be more specific and have an Artificial Life category to complement an Artificial Intelligence (for Go) category. Or maybe it isn't important.

Once that’s sorted I will have to see if it is possible to upload some of the applets I've written, such as my simulations of heterocyst evolution [which I've now written about here] and bilayer formation [here]. In the time being I'm most likely to write about my plans and progress in writing a more ambitious simulation of life [this project] and various scientific techniques to investigate it [this project].

I have just started a simulation of a pool of water [this project] and a fairly complete and easily modifiable (horray for the object-orientation of Python) simulation of a protein (or DNA) gel [see here]. It looks more like a protein column because there is no lateral diffusion and too much diffusion up and down (what’s the word for that?). I’m also not sure how to sort this out without completely rewriting the algorithm for calculating how far a protein has travelled. I’ll put up a picture once I have worked out how to [which I now have].

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