Protein gel update

Four proteins of different sizes and concentrations

I have improved my protein gel. Firstly, I made it much more object-oriented, thus making it easier to create new proteins and samples. As the image shows, I can add a mixture of proteins of different sizes and concentrations (in arbitrary units). These will separate according to their size and show up with an intensity proportional to their concentration. I also made a tiny difference to the code (changing the concentrations from integers to floats) so the proteins no longer disappear and halt, and protein movement works much better. I think I could still alter the equation to get tighter bands and a more realistic simulation. I think it is now sufficiently developed that I should leave it and concentrate more on the artificial life simulation.

There is still more to do so I can add several samples in different lanes. I would also like the ability to change the percentage of the gel, the voltage (maybe with a needlessly complicated simulated voltage pack) and the 'exposure' of the gel. However, I am now leaning more towards making the simulation be for a column, partly so I don't have to deal with diffusion at the edge of the bands and partly because the proteins bands look too spread out to be from a gel.

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