Pixar in a box

I've been very bad at updating my blog in the last few years. One reason is that having baby greatly reduces one's few time, the other is that I tend to work on Khan Academy, where my work is already online for people to see. Over the last year and half I've been working on creating interactive programs for Khan Academy's partnership with Pixar: Pixar in a Box.

Spinning globe

This post describes my highly convoluted method of making an animated globe using Khan Academy's computer science framework.

A few weeks ago I found a set of coordinates for a world map in JSON format. I can't remember where exactly, but I think it was via a StackOverflow question. The first thing I did was to convert it into an SVG world map, because I like SVG and I've been meaning to get a world map for a while.

Pygame particle simulation in 3D

Below is a video of my first attempt to move my Pygame particle simulation into the third dimension (thus combining it with my Pygame 3D tutorial). I meant to write about it a while ago, but got distracted trying to work out how to display an image rotated in three dimension (for the walls). I still haven't worked it out.

Pygame Landscape generator

Today I came across this page, which contain many interesting things, including some sections on generating landscapes in a procedural way. I'd been meaning to try this for a while and I finally got around to it.

3D Animation in SVG

A couple of months ago, I wrote a short post about experimenting with creating 3D graphics with SVG. Well, I've been experimenting a bit further, with shading and a bit of animation. I decided to make a mobile after seeing the Google logo celebrating Alexander Calder's 113th Birthday, which I think was some sort of Canvas animation.

Rotating 3D SVG Cube

Since getting my head around how 3D graphics work (to a degree at least), I thought I'd apply what I know to my favourite format: SVG. Below is an SVG displaying a sqaure, but if you click on the arrows, the shape changes, giving the appearance of a cube rotating about either the x- or y-axis.



Pygame 3D Graphics Tutorial

An introduction into how to create 3D graphics using Python and Pygame.

Pygame 3D wireframe viewer

I've been thinking about moving some of my simulations into the third (spatial) dimension for a while now. Actually creating a 3D simulation is relatively easy, it's just a matter of giving each point in space an additional coordinate. The difficulty is visualising the simulation. There's no easy way to transfer a 3D simulation to a 2D screen (or our 2D retinas).