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Salman says

Analysis of subtitle text from over 1000 Khan Academy videos. 

Pure SVG graph builder

Having worked out how to create reasonable looking buttons in an SVG (which was basically a matter of changing the cursors), I've been trying to think of ways to create an application using pure SVG. Below is graph-drawing SVG which I quickly threw together to see how far I could get rather than to actually create something worthwhile.

Blog analysis: the first six months

My website has been up and running for just over six months now, so it seemed like an appropriately arbitrary time to write about some statistics gleaned from Google Analytics. I don't really expect anyone other than me to be interested, but I'm slightly obsessed by it.



Chinese Analysis

Analysis of Chinese text using statistics and bioinformatic algorithms. I aim to identify grammatical patterns and predict the role of words based on their context. 

Interesting uses of photos on Flickr

I've recently come across a couple of clever uses of photographs from Flickr, which makes me want to learn how to use the Flickr API, which I hear is quite straight-forward.

The first example uses ‘Flickr as a paintbrush‘, which means colouring a map of an area using the average colour (actually, the average hue), of photos taken at different points on that map (which requires photos to be geotagged).