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Look back at 2013

This year, Khan Academy continued to dominate my time, becoming a full time (ish) project, while I gave up science and neglected my Chinese and this website.

Look back at 2012

In 2011 I spent much of my time on various websites. In 2012 I did much the same, only all my effort was focused on Khan Academy. I also had a bit more success in my science, publishing my second paper on a bioinformatics algorithm: MergeAlign. I also went to Cilia conference in London, followed by a Chlamydomonas conference in Germany. Finally, to round off a year of travel, we had a holiday to Singapore to meet Victoria's family.

Look back at 2011

In 2011 I seemed to spend a lot of time trying to make various numbers increase, such as my Khan Academy energy points, StackOverflow points, and blog visitors. This may be a result of the increasing "gamification" of websites, or maybe just that I'm so easily drawn in by such mechanics.

First day of 2011

Today is the start of 2011 and I made a small start on some of my resolutions.

One resolution is to take more photos and upload more to Flickr, so I took a photo of the French fries bell that Victoria made me for Christmas and uploaded that.