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Chinese Analysis

Analysis of Chinese text using statistics and bioinformatic algorithms. I aim to identify grammatical patterns and predict the role of words based on their context. 

Cryptic crossword clues and Christmas crackers

A while ago, Victoria and I came across one of the many pages of silly jokes on the internet. The jokes are similar to the ones you get in Christmas crackers, and I found that I often knew the punchline, or could work it out. Soon we were seeing how many jokes we could guess. I had a clear advantage of being brought up with many of these jokes (and I used to read joke books religiously, cover-to-cover), but after a while, we both seemed to get the knack of predicting punchlines.



An attempt to create an artificial intelligence capable of learning to play Go with some skill. Includes programs for displaying Go games.

Evolving ant behaviour

Example of simple ant behaviour - spiralling

I've been thinking for a while about how to program ant behaviour in my simulation. The difficulty is that even relatively simple behaviours (such as following a pheromone trail) are difficult to code as a behaviour at the agent (or ant) level. While I probably could come with a reasonable behaviour if I thought about it and tested various parameters, it seems a lot simpler to evolve a suitable behaviour. After all, that’s what ants did.

Go blog

One topic I've always planned to blog about is Go, otherwise known as igo or weiqi or 围棋 or something else in Korean. I hope to write about my slow, halting progress in trying to create an AI that can play better than randomly. I may even talk about games that I’ve played should I ever get around to playing any.