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Sugarscape with Canvas

Below is an implementation of the Sugarscape simulation I made using the HTML canvas. It shows a 50x50 grid with each square containing between 0 and 4 units of sugar represented with different intensities of green. There is an initial population of 200 agents (red circles) which move about and eat the sugar.

Sex in Sugarscape

Since the last time I wrote about Sugarscape, I've made a bit of progress. The biggest improvement is the introduction of sexual reproduction. I can therefore recapitulate more of the results of the original simulation, and test a number evolutionary ideas.


Approximately every six months or so, while looking for something interesting to read on the internet, I remember Steve Grand's blog and pop over there to see what he's up to. There's normally interesting hints to his latest project, but this time there was a lot more detail about a project he was hoping to complete, which in some ways would be a more complex and sophisticated version of Creatures.


Sugarscape revisited

Screenshot of my Sugarscape simulation

I can't believe it's over a year since I last wrote about creating a Sugarscape simulation in Python and Pygame. The page attracted a fair number of views, but I suspect several visitors were looking for the teen magazine. However, at least some of the visitors were genuinely interested and a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by someone interested in recreating Sugarscape in Python.

Hyphae simulation

I've started work on a simulation of fungus-like hyphae, based on project I saw called Mycelium.

Game of Life in one line of Python

This is my attempt at writing Conway's Game of Life in a single line of Python (an additional line is required to define the initial array, which is empty in my example, making the code even more pointless):

Macrophage chemotaxis

I updated my macrophage simulation to use my Python particle module, which I describe here. I was pleased how straight forward it was to effectively re-create my previous simulation from scratch using a few simple commands. There are a few changes I'd like to make so creating new simulations will be even quicker in future.


Science Simulation

Various simulations of experimental techniques that I hope to use on simulated cells. I'd like to combine them with a virtual lab book to make a game.


Cell Simulation

A simulation of single celled organisms and their evolution with the focus on metabolic and regulatory pathways.