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SVG starfield animation

This little project was the result of an email request, which I'm sharing here because I thought it was quite interesting. The question was, how could you make a starfield animation (like the old screensaver) with SVG.

Solar system evolution

After running my solar system simulation several times I was interested to see how robust the system was. By this I mean that despite the fact that the particles start off randomly distributed, the progress of the simulation is quite similar each time. The details weren't exactly the same each times, but in general, a star formed at the centre of the universe at about the same time and ended up with a few satellites, while several particles were sent flying off into space.

Solar system simulation

[UPDATE: I've made a 3D version of this simulation using the Khan Academy programming environment.]

Martian landscape photography

Here’s an interesting mixture of science and photography: high-resolution photos of various Martian landscapes. I was quite surprised at how varied the environment is (though it should be noted that the images have been pseudo-coloured). Maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised; earth’s landscapes would still be very varied without life. It just goes to show that beauty and complex patterns are not exclusive to life.