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Look back at 2011

In 2011 I seemed to spend a lot of time trying to make various numbers increase, such as my Khan Academy energy points, StackOverflow points, and blog visitors. This may be a result of the increasing "gamification" of websites, or maybe just that I'm so easily drawn in by such mechanics.

Amino acids in Chinese

Table of amino acids in Chinese

When looking up the word for acid in Chinese, I came across the Chinese for the amino acids. Since I've previously written about DNA and the bases in Chinese, it seemed logical to compile a list of the Chinese amino acids. Working out the logic behind the Chinese words took quite a lot of research, but was very rewarding. Hopefully the effort will help me remember the words.

A rule for (some) Chinese tones

I have just come across an interesting rule for the tones of some words on a Popup Chinese podcast. The rule was only mentioned in passing, perhaps because it only applies to a small number of words. The rule is for when a single character can represent a noun or a related verb, which have the same pronunciation, but a different tone:

The verb is third tone, while the noun is forth tone



Chinese Analysis

Analysis of Chinese text using statistics and bioinformatic algorithms. I aim to identify grammatical patterns and predict the role of words based on their context. 


Chinese Reader

A program to help me read Chinese texts. It allows words to be looked up and added to a study list. I hope I will later be able to test myself using this list.

收 vs 受

One of the reason for setting up this blog was to write about Chinese, particularly characters that were causing me confusion. (I also meant to write about photography, which I have not done so so far). I was spurred to write this post after two characters, 收 and 受 came up in the iKnow app at (Chinese Characters: Level 2).


Breaking down DNA in Chinese

As a brief interlude between posts about evolution and genetics algorithms, I thought I’d write something a bit different (and a bit related). I was a bit lax in my Chinese-studying while writing my thesis, so now that my thesis is submitted, I’m trying to get back to studying. While not particularly useful vocabulary, I thought I’d look up the word for DNA in Chinese.


Esoteric Activities and the Secrets of Mi

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything because I’ve been busy creating my artificial world (and writing my thesis of course), which I really ought to write about some time. But since that seems to big a topic to write about now, I’ll write about something different.

Learning languages online

This blog is still in the planning stages, but one category I’m sure it will have is Chinese. One of the reasons for this blog is to create a central deposit for the ever increasing online resources for language-learning I have come across.


Confusion over 惑

One reason for having a blog is to use it as a general dumping ground for information. One type of information I intend to dump here is about hanzi (Chinese characters), that I often confuse. Hopefully that way I can learn to distinguish them.