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How to get black hole badges on Khan Academy

The Black Hole badges are Khan Academy are legendary and unknown, so a lot of people want to know how to get them. The code describing what they are for used to be available here, but that code is out-dated and says that the Atlas badge is for completing 150 exercises.

Python Fibonacci generator using reduce()

Khan Academy now has a series of videos on Python programming, and I've spent way too much of this weekend watching them, despite knowing all the basics of Python (I did learn a couple of things though). In fact, I spent so much time watching video, I finally broke the million point mark (and now have 77 points in binary):

My million points on Khan

Game of Life in one line of Python

This is my attempt at writing Conway's Game of Life in a single line of Python (an additional line is required to define the initial array, which is empty in my example, making the code even more pointless):

Cryptic crossword clues and Christmas crackers

A while ago, Victoria and I came across one of the many pages of silly jokes on the internet. The jokes are similar to the ones you get in Christmas crackers, and I found that I often knew the punchline, or could work it out. Soon we were seeing how many jokes we could guess. I had a clear advantage of being brought up with many of these jokes (and I used to read joke books religiously, cover-to-cover), but after a while, we both seemed to get the knack of predicting punchlines.

Esoteric Activities and the Secrets of Mi

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything because I’ve been busy creating my artificial world (and writing my thesis of course), which I really ought to write about some time. But since that seems to big a topic to write about now, I’ll write about something different.