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Image Processing with Pygame

Tutorial for how image processing works, using Pygame (and Numpy) as an example.

Removing background from an AVI using ImageJ

I've recently been taking a lot videos of swimming cells, with the aim of calculating their velocity. In each video there is inevitably some background dirt or stuck cells, which can hinder the macro I use to automatically track cells. To deal with this problem I've written a very simple ImageJ macro (ImageJ is an excellent, free, open source image processing program) to remove static objects from an AVI or stack of images, which has proved surprisingly effective.

Interesting uses of photos on Flickr

I've recently come across a couple of clever uses of photographs from Flickr, which makes me want to learn how to use the Flickr API, which I hear is quite straight-forward.

The first example uses ‘Flickr as a paintbrush‘, which means colouring a map of an area using the average colour (actually, the average hue), of photos taken at different points on that map (which requires photos to be geotagged).


Evolving Images

A genetic algorithm that uses overlapping transparent circles to approximate an image. Includes analysis of the effect of altering mutation rate and population size.