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SVG optimiser

I've started work on a program I've been meaning to make for a while: an SVG optimiser. I've often found myself spending a lot of time tidying, simplifying and compressing SVGs created by Inkscape or Illustrator. Sometimes, changes are merely aesthetic, e.g. reducing numbers from an unnecessary six decimal places to one, or removing unused attributes. These changes make it easier to read the file, and can reduce its size noticeably. Other changes are more practical, such as removing transforms which otherwise make it difficult to see where paths and shapes are actually placed.

SVG seedling animation

Below is an SVG seedling animation I made for Victoria. (Refresh page if it doesn't seem to work.)

Gradients in Inkscape

In this blog post I'll briefly explain how to create a gradient fill in Inkscape. Like, adding arrows in Inkscape, it's pretty straightforward, yet not exactly intuitive.

  • Select a path
  • Open the Fill and Stroke menu (Shift+Ctrl+F)
  • Open the Fill style tab
  • Choose the Linear gradient option

Linear gradient option in Inkscape


Colour Inkscape arrows

This brief blog post explains how to draw and colour an arrow in Inkscape 0.47 and beyond (it should also work with earlier versions).