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Pixar in a box

I've been very bad at updating my blog in the last few years. One reason is that having baby greatly reduces one's few time, the other is that I tend to work on Khan Academy, where my work is already online for people to see. Over the last year and half I've been working on creating interactive programs for Khan Academy's partnership with Pixar: Pixar in a Box.

Running Khan Academy programs on your computer

I've noticed a lot of people asking how they can run the programs they've seen or created on Khan Academy's computer science area, so I've written this post to explain how to (sort of) achieve it. Note that not all Khan Academy programs will run on your computer.



An attempt to create an artificial intelligence capable of learning to play Go with some skill. Includes programs for displaying Go games.

Go blog

One topic I've always planned to blog about is Go, otherwise known as igo or weiqi or 围棋 or something else in Korean. I hope to write about my slow, halting progress in trying to create an AI that can play better than randomly. I may even talk about games that I’ve played should I ever get around to playing any.