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First day of 2011

Today is the start of 2011 and I made a small start on some of my resolutions.

One resolution is to take more photos and upload more to Flickr, so I took a photo of the French fries bell that Victoria made me for Christmas and uploaded that.

Exposure bracketing with Canon 400D

When I first set up a blog, one of the topics I planned to write about was photography, but so far I've not written very much. Well, today, after owning my camera (Canon 400D) for about three years, I finally worked out how to use the exposure bracketing function. The stimulus for finding out was that my sister wanted to know, so she could do HDR photography more easily.


Interesting uses of photos on Flickr

I've recently come across a couple of clever uses of photographs from Flickr, which makes me want to learn how to use the Flickr API, which I hear is quite straight-forward.

The first example uses ‘Flickr as a paintbrush‘, which means colouring a map of an area using the average colour (actually, the average hue), of photos taken at different points on that map (which requires photos to be geotagged).

Martian landscape photography

Here’s an interesting mixture of science and photography: high-resolution photos of various Martian landscapes. I was quite surprised at how varied the environment is (though it should be noted that the images have been pseudo-coloured). Maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised; earth’s landscapes would still be very varied without life. It just goes to show that beauty and complex patterns are not exclusive to life.

Esoteric Activities and the Secrets of Mi

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything because I’ve been busy creating my artificial world (and writing my thesis of course), which I really ought to write about some time. But since that seems to big a topic to write about now, I’ll write about something different.