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Proteins that look like enzymes but aren't

This essay is taken from the introduction to my thesis, which is pretty much the only part of my thesis I was pleased with. It described way it's not always easy to assign a function to a protein and was used as the basis for my first paper Moonlighting enzymes in parasitic protozoa.

pH, pKa, pI and protein charge

What is acidity?

Most people know that pH is a measure of acidity, but what is acidity? Well, the Brønsted-Lowry theory states that an acid is a chemical that donates a proton (H+), while a base is a chemical that accepts a proton. The Lewis theory defines acids as chemicals that accept electrons, which is often, but not always, the same thing. For our purposes, acids are chemicals that can donate a proton, while bases (or alkaline substances) are chemicals that accept a proton.

Amino acids in Chinese

Table of amino acids in Chinese

When looking up the word for acid in Chinese, I came across the Chinese for the amino acids. Since I've previously written about DNA and the bases in Chinese, it seemed logical to compile a list of the Chinese amino acids. Working out the logic behind the Chinese words took quite a lot of research, but was very rewarding. Hopefully the effort will help me remember the words.