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Solar system simulation

[UPDATE: I've made a 3D version of this simulation using the Khan Academy programming environment.]

Macrophage chemotaxis

I updated my macrophage simulation to use my Python particle module, which I describe here. I was pleased how straight forward it was to effectively re-create my previous simulation from scratch using a few simple commands. There are a few changes I'd like to make so creating new simulations will be even quicker in future.


Chinese Analysis

Analysis of Chinese text using statistics and bioinformatic algorithms. I aim to identify grammatical patterns and predict the role of words based on their context. 


Science Simulation

Various simulations of experimental techniques that I hope to use on simulated cells. I'd like to combine them with a virtual lab book to make a game.


Data Visualisation

Various experiments with analysing and visualising data in different ways. Data is taken from the real world sources, such as the Guardian, WHO and



An attempt to create an artificial intelligence capable of learning to play Go with some skill. Includes programs for displaying Go games.


Cell Simulation

A simulation of single celled organisms and their evolution with the focus on metabolic and regulatory pathways.


Pygame physics simulation (Tutorial)

A tutorial explaining how to use the Python module, Pygame, and some basic trigonometry to create a physics simulation.


Chinese Reader

A program to help me read Chinese texts. It allows words to be looked up and added to a study list. I hope I will later be able to test myself using this list.