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Proteins that look like enzymes but aren't

This essay is taken from the introduction to my thesis, which is pretty much the only part of my thesis I was pleased with. It described way it's not always easy to assign a function to a protein and was used as the basis for my first paper Moonlighting enzymes in parasitic protozoa.

Khan Academy

A few months ago, I wrote about various places to learn online, including the Khan Academy. Then a couple of weeks ago I saw a TED talk by Salman Khan where he talked about the Khan Academy (what else?) and its recent improvements. So I went back to the website and signed up.

Learning online

A while ago I wrote about learning Chinese online, but there are resources for learning just about anything online. The internet is my primary source of information when learning programming nowadays. The statistics for my website suggest that the main reason people visit it is that they want to learn Pygame, Inkscape or how to make an SVG.

A couple of sites I have recently discovered have a lot of good resources for studying.

Amino acids in Chinese

Table of amino acids in Chinese

When looking up the word for acid in Chinese, I came across the Chinese for the amino acids. Since I've previously written about DNA and the bases in Chinese, it seemed logical to compile a list of the Chinese amino acids. Working out the logic behind the Chinese words took quite a lot of research, but was very rewarding. Hopefully the effort will help me remember the words.


Science Simulation

Various simulations of experimental techniques that I hope to use on simulated cells. I'd like to combine them with a virtual lab book to make a game.

Molecular dynamics simulation

I wanted to write about a Java molecular simulation that I made a while ago, before I became entranced by Python. The program is a simple 2D physics simulation, with circles representing billiard ball-style atoms. The idea before the simulation was initially an attempt to create a virtual lava lamp. In its first incarnation, there were two types of atom. Each atom was attracted to nearby atoms of the same type (with a force proportional one over distance squared). If the distance between any two atoms was below a threshold then the two atoms repel each other.

Breaking down DNA in Chinese

As a brief interlude between posts about evolution and genetics algorithms, I thought I’d write something a bit different (and a bit related). I was a bit lax in my Chinese-studying while writing my thesis, so now that my thesis is submitted, I’m trying to get back to studying. While not particularly useful vocabulary, I thought I’d look up the word for DNA in Chinese.