Python Bioinformatics Tools

Various tools I've written for myself in Python to help with simple bioinformatics tasks.

Pure SVG graph builder

Having worked out how to create reasonable looking buttons in an SVG (which was basically a matter of changing the cursors), I've been trying to think of ways to create an application using pure SVG. Below is graph-drawing SVG which I quickly threw together to see how far I could get rather than to actually create something worthwhile.

SVG Go Player

As part of an on-going project with Victoria I started to write a Python script that can convert an SGF (Smart Game Format: files recording Go (and other) games) into an SVG (my favourite image format) that would one to replay the game.

The Python script makes use of another program I'm working on to parse the SGF into an object it can work with. It creates and SVG with that display the board and contains all the stones, but not visible. A script then makes the stones visible when the next button is clicked and hides them when the back button is clicked.