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Evolving arthropods

Fractal Arthropod

Recently, while searching for an picture of evolution (specifically, the famous image of the progression from ape to man), I came across an interesting and beautiful evolution simulation. The website is actually about a piece of software called Nodebox that uses Python to draw and manipulate images. The site has loads of amazing examples of its power. Sadly, I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t use the software myself. However, since I’ve been learning create SVG files with Python, I thought I create my own simple version.

Visualising accidents

Graph of accidents in 2007

Visualising accidents sounds like a slightly morbid photography project, but want I actually want to write about is slightly less morbid:  I finally created a visualisation to illustrator some of the data concerning causes of death, published by the Guardian Data Store. I’d still like to create a program to organise data about countries so I can do more complex comparisons, but it’s proving complex to organise all the different type of data. Maybe this will inspire me to finished it.

A random walk through some programming projects

I planned to write about the moderate progress I had made in improving the program I have to organise data from the Guardian Data Store, and a few of the more interesting correlations I have found by analysing the data. However, I got slightly sidetracked on a related project of learning how various clustering algorithms work (specifically k-means clustering).